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Where is Prague?

One will say why are you writing such an article about where is Prague? We all know where is Prague, false! Still people in Europe and mainly in North America asking "what is Prague", not even "where is". So we thought it would be worth talking about the layout and main characteristics of Prague, the capital of the Czech republic.prague-location

Prague Layout and Weather

Prague lays in the center of the country, crossed by the largest river in the Czech Republic, the Vltava. Prague has been Bohemia's main city since the 9th century and the capital of Czechoslovakia till the end of communism era in 1989. It has an oceanic climate with warm summers and cold winters with snow cover from November till March.

Borders of the Czech Republic

The Czech republic itself is bordered by four countries: Poland to the North, Germany to the West, Austria to the South and Slovakia to the East. As the Czech republic is member of the Schengen Agreement since 2004, there are no border checks between all these neighbor countries.

Position of Prague in Europe

Prague is also called "the heart of Europe" as it's the most central in comparison to other capitals in Europe, it's even more in the west than Vienna, so Prague is not considered anymore as an Eastern city.
For example, you can drive to Prague 4 hours from Berlin or Vienna,  5 hours from Frankfurt and 9 to 10 hours from Amsterdam or Paris. The flight from most European capitals takes from 1 to 2 hours.prague-map-europe

The city's inhabitants

Prague is home to around 1.3 million inhabitants comprised of majority of Czechs and minority of Slovaks also as Germans, Ukrainians, Russians and Gypsy. Immigration brought to Prague some economically dynamic communities of Vietnamese, Arabs and Turks.

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