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The Dilemma in Prague: Apartments vs Hotels

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prague-street-lostThere are always pros and cons for both apartments and hotel rooms, but as per personal experience, apartments are a winner, mainly in Prague where the apartment rental business is well developed and local companies offer a great service that even overcomes luxury hotels.

  • For example in a hotel room you will have a "bar fridge" that is entirely filled with expensive drink and food that they will charge you for. While in an apartment you will find a fridge that is entirely empty for you to use for storing your favorite food and drink also as a fully equipped kitchen with the essential ingredients for cooking.
  • Almost all apartments in Prague have a washing machine and sometimes a dryer, while in a hotel you will pay an exaggerated fee for having your clothes cleaned.
  • Apartments offer more space than hotel rooms and usually have separate bedrooms with a large living room, two bathrooms and kitchen, some of the apartments even have a terrace or balcony.
  • When you are in Prague for an extended stay, apartment is winner against hotel rooms, you will miss the comforts of home, you will need more space to sit and work, you will love to cook your own meal and have your preferred food in your fridge.
  • For such extended stay, an apartment can be more economical than a hotel room, the client can get a great deal, can even bring with him or invite his family to the same apartment, imagine the cost if he books several hotel rooms.
  • Apartments offer many modern amenities, equipment and facilities that the majority of hotels in Prague do not. As we already mentioned, the fully equipped kitchen, the washing and drying facilities, the home cinema, the sound system with iPod/iPhone dock, televisions in the living room and in the bedrooms, the Internet connection and much more.

As you can see apartments offer a greater experience as you will be staying as a local Czech in Prague, you will buy your morning croissant in the bakery around the corner, you will buy your food from the grocery shop in your street, you will find a bunch of Czech and international food restaurants and maybe you will get in touch with some local neighbors living in the same building.

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