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A Charming Photo Gallery of Prague

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The "Dark Side' of Prague: Sightseeing Tours by Homeless

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Prague HomelessIn 2012, five million tourists visited Prague's bohemian streets and stunning monuments.

Only few had the chance to see a distinct side of the metropolis. A student-run agency, provides tours organised by homeless men and women. Instead of exploring the city's hang-outs, these guides offer more personalized tours of the points of interest of street living. This could include a trip to a second hand book store where a guides sells books obtained from rubbish containers; a visit to a square where he mines the trash for food; and a trip to a fountain to obtain drinking water.

Homelessness has become an progressively pernicious issue in Prague. According to the radio show The World, there are about 4,000 men and women on the streets, up 7% from last year.

With his gravelly tone of voice, furry hair, an old suitcase in one hand and a pinched cigarette in the other, Honza Badalec is not you typical tour guide. On his walks through Prague, Badalec steers clear of the charming historical castle. Nor does he stop on the centuries-old Charles Bridge, a vibrant destination for the average visitor. Alternatively, the 55-year-old veers off the well-worn cobblestones and into the harder edges of the Czech capital, a side of one of Europe's most visited cities that many would rather keep away from.

"I didn't choose to be destitute," he said after finishing an night trip. "But I'm trying to do the best I can. I don't grab, I don't 'cheat' individuals, I don't misuse well being benefits. The trips are great. They are a chance for me to describe myself better."

Since Aug, about 430 individuals have compensated 200 capped teeth ($10.31) to visit the locations where some of Prague's destitute collect. 50 percent of the continues go to the information and the rest to student-run organization Pragulic, set up after it won a 1,500-euro public business prize. Prague's destitute inhabitants, approximated at around 4,500, has not modified considerably in the last three decades despite two recessions in the Czech Republic during that period.

Yet a common vision for guests coming at the town's primary practice place is categories of destitute individuals discussing boxes of bottles of wine. There are around 600,000 destitute individuals in European nations, with about a 10th living "rough" on the roads, according to reports mentioned by the U.N. Human Agreements Program.

In ex-Communist nations like the Czech Republic many have been protected from the most severe of the european area debt problems due to cradle-to-grave state well being systems, but as that support is worn away there are worries that their figures could begin to develop. On a latest saturated night, Badalec revealed up to fulfill his trip team across from Prague's bus place moving a large luggage loaded with guides.

To make extra cash, he gathers removed guides from trash bins, something he was avoided from displaying his customers due to the rainfall. Instead the team advancing over to a mostly neglected oral plaque next to the bus place honoring the loss of life of nine destitute individuals and two pets in a flame in an discontinued building truly.

Other than that, Badalec invested most of enough time cigarette smoking old smoke grows and discussing experiences about lifestyle on the road. After dropping his job in TV information development and going through an acrimonious divorce, Badalec finished up unemployed and destitute around a several years ago. He tried finding perform, but to no acquire. "Nobody will implement someone who is destitute," he said, status in a link underpass next to a small destitute camping along the Vltava stream where he took his guests.

Eurostat data reveals that this year, of all 27 EU associates the Czech Republic had the smallest discuss of individuals at chance of hardship or public exemption. Yet the number of personal bankruptcy filings each month in the nation has more than tripled in the past two. 5 decades, according to Creditreform.

For Tomas Jan, home at Prague's Center for Social Services, the big danger is individuals having loans closed into high rates. "These individuals are at significant chance of public exemption," he said. Another Pragulic information, Karel Lampa confirmed to guests the manage a person can fall into when throw out on the road.

His trips start at Prague's primary practice place, where Lampa came out up in the town of 1.2 thousand individuals after running away from home some 20 decades ago. The 38-year-old, his sight defined by black cosmetics and fingertips protected with jewelled jewelry, described how he discovered many training "on medication, sex, taking, lifestyle in the sewers, on practice wagons, cash from prostitution, prison and AIDS." The alternative trips and part-time perform at a offer cinema are new sites after decades of prostitution and medication addiction. "I'm displaying individuals the other face of Prague, black locations of hookers, pimps, gangs of criminals, medication traders, individuals and everything that regular guests hardly ever see."

Tilt-Shift Prague The Miniature City

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This video clip by Nataliya Gaus is a tilt-shift of this larger panorama of the skyline of Prague. Curiously, this makes the monuments look virtually like a toy building. It feels like you can touch and pick it up. 


Pictures of the Snow in Prague

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The Wenceslas Square under December Snow

The square was founded in 1348 by King Charles as an urbanic strategy for the New Town of Prague, a huge new town, three times the size of the older town. The new town had uncommonly huge wide avenues and big squares. The largest was the future Wenceslas Square, the site of a horse market and the center of the New Town. The name Wenceslas Square came in the 19th century after the patron saint of Bohemia, King Wenceslas. Today Wenceslas Square forms the business center of Prague. It is a common meeting spot and many apartments, shopping malls and restaurants all around the square catch the attention of crowds of travelers and natives as well.

Snow in Wenceslas Square

Snow Over the Roofs Buildings in Prague Old Town

The Old Town continues to be as a unique memory of how Prague expanded. The most popular place in the Old Town is its square, identified simply as the Old Town Square. To many travellers this is the major sight to discover, and it truly does take you back in time also. The Old Town Square is bounded with various amazing historical architectural structures such as the Old Town City Hall that dates from the 14th century and the prominent Astronomical Clock. Residences and palaces all around the Old Town Square were built during the 12th century and get excellent delight in showing off ancient architectural styles nowadays.

Snow covering Old Town Square in Christmas

Romantic Atmosphere with the Snow covering Mala Strana's Medieval Houses near Charles Bridge

The Lesser Town also known as Mala Strana is incredibly captivating to the eyes with its old burgher houses, narrow stoned pavements, noble residences and administrative palaces that once ruled Prague, the Lesser Town used to be the ruling seat of the Holy Roman Emperors. Its major attractions are certainly Charles Bridge and Prague Castle in which the Emperors of Bohemia and Czechoslovakia previously had their offices. Most of the antique buildings in Mala Strana are now restored into stores, office buildings, embassies and apartments. If you really like the old experience of Europe, staying in one of the apartments in Mala Strana will be the right choice. Take a relaxing walk down the twisting streets, have a hot chocolate at one of the charming cafes of the Lesser Town and enjoy the rich Bohemian architectural mastery. Undoubtedly, you will fall in love with Prague even more.

Snow on Charles Bridge in Prague Mala Strana


Prague Christmas Market 2012 - 2013

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If your destination is Prague in late November or December, checking out the charming Christmas markets is just a must. There are a variety of marketplaces to select from, all within a few minutes stroll of each other. The most common Christmas stalls to take a look at are situated in the charming squares of Wenceslas and the Old Town, with smaller markets to be found at Namesti Republiky and Hevelske Trziste. 

From the vibrantly shaded traditional hand crafted toys, adorns and gift items to the delicate glass baubles and dazzling Christmas adornments, there is a lot to discover. Czech glassware is a favorite purchase, with great quality crystal creating a very unique gift for a loved one back home.
The Prague Christmas market features live shows, folklore and a stroking zoo where kids can touch and have fun. It's a low essential family event. Look for good promotions on Bohemian crystal as well as the wooden made puppets, toys and adorns.

For your stay in Prague during Christmas or New Year's Eve, check our Apartment offer.

Photo Gallery of Autumn in Prague

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Since we wrote our previous article about What to Do in Prague During Autumn, we received feedbacks suggesting a photo gallery of Autumn in Prague, and here you go:

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